Here comes the sun

Here comes the savings

United Solar Energy are engineering experts who use smart technology to build solar solutions for the residential, commercial and government sectors. Each of our solar solutions is unique to their market and uses the latest and greatest products to help clients save money and the environment.

United we stand

As the saying goes – in unity there is strength. Which is certainly something we believe in. Indeed, it’s how we got our name and it’s how we work. Since 2009 our engineers, electricians and technicians are all experts in solar energy and together they have consistently managed to come up with innovative solutions to complex issues. We also work with leading solar panel manufacturers and energy companies who are at the cutting-edge of solar technology.

We are also very proud of our recognitions, awards and accreditations, having been given the highest accreditation in the industry – The Clean Energy Council “Approved Solar Retailer”.

There’s no doubt, more can be achieved by a united team than can ever be achieved by individuals alone.

We are United Solar Energy

Let us tell you in our own words what we do and how.

Our awards and endorsements: