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Building Partnerships

We are committed to outstanding project management and delivery regardless of the scale or the intricacy of the work.

Our partners in success include companies such as Winaico Australia, Delta Energy Systems Australia, Fronius, SMA, Tesla, Carbon Track, Macquarie Bank, National Australia Bank, and Clenergy.

United Solar Energy’s reputation is founded on a culture of safety, people, leadership, client relationships, teamwork and community. These principles are firmly embedded in all our processes and systems, and embodied in the way we conduct all aspects of our business.

Our people have the expertise and enterprise to deliver large scale, complex projects in solar energy, engineering and electrical services.

The power of the sun

Expertise & Enterprise.

Our business operates across Australia, ensuring that United can offer a robust combination of national expertise with local knowledge.

Our national footprint enables depth of capability and our reach allows us to provide more complex and diversified offerings.

Our Solar Approach

The power of the sun doesn’t cost the earth

As you know, solar energy will save you a good deal of money in the long run but in the beginning the costs can seem a little daunting. That’s why we offer a number of options to make payment a lot easier to manage.

Smart Solar Systems

All your power needs. Guaranteed.

When it comes to solar energy systems, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Each system has to be tailor-made to suit your particular needs. We need to look at every aspect and every possibility then once we have developed the perfect system you can be sure it will work perfectly, too. In fact, we guarantee it.

Setting up your system

Going solar in six easy steps

Our team will guide you through the process of achieving the right solar energy solution to match your needs.

Step One

1. Energy Audit

All our projects start with a Free Energy Audit to work out how solar energy can benefit you. We will discuss your energy usage needs, look at past bills and examine the roof space via satellite imaging. We will explain how you will achieve maximum savings without a large upfront cost.

Step Two

2. Solar Solution

Here we will provide you with a Solar Solution. When you are happy with this we will start to design and submit approval to your power company. We’re very experienced with this sort of thing so you can expect a smooth transaction with a fast turnaround.

Step Three

3. Engineers’ Visit

Before they can write their report for commercial and government jobs, our engineers need to check every aspect of the job. This includes the roof, the switchboard, the wiring and everything in between.

Step Four

4. Engineers’ report

This report is for large commercial and government jobs and gives you all the findings from the Engineers Visit. It covers design, production and financial issues, and gives you a detailed analysis of your new solar energy system. Nothing is overlooked in this report; it’s about 25 pages long!

Step Five

5. Installation

This is the day you’ve been waiting for and the good news is that installation usually only takes a day or even less. Of course, your new system will be installed by our experienced engineers and electricians to exacting standards just as you would expect.

Step Six

6. Insurance and Tracking

Whether it’s for residential, commercial or government every system is fully insured so if anything should happened to go wrong it will be fixed immediately at no cost.

If you’re a commercial and government customer, we will supply you with a monthly energy report so you can see just how you’re tracking. These reports come free of charge and are an effective way to help you achieve your energy goals.

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