Solar for your business

Our people have the expertise and enterprise to deliver large scale, complex projects in solar energy, engineering and electrical services. Our systems are designed to ensure that you receive the best return on investment, making it a smart and valuable choice for you business to go solar.

The above video shows ‘Cool Breeze’, one of many large scale projects we have installed for our commercial customers.

Who we have been working with

Here are some of our clients we have helped save thousands on power bills, whilst benefiting the community.

Its proven over time now that commercial solar can have payback periods of less than four years, generate returns in excess of 25%, and is generally cash-flow neutral from day one. Therefore the system is paying for itself.

Our Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer Status that we hold is your guarantee that our company will only ever provide you with a top quality system that is installed by approved installers.

Going solar with your business in six easy steps!

Free Energy Audit

First of all it must be determined how solar is going to benefit your business. By assessing your businesses energy needs and usage, looking at past power bills and examining roof space, United Solar Energy will show you how you can achieve maximum savings whilst not breaking the budget.

Solar Solution

We will work with you to provide the most appropriate solar system that suits your businesses energy requirements and ensures you are going to receive maximum benefits. We aim to deliver your solar solution in the most smooth and timely manner possible.

Engineer’s Visit and Report

Our experienced engineers will conduct a site visit to examine every aspect of the job to ensure your solar system will be operating most efficiently and effectively. From the visit our engineers will write a report that includes a detailed analysis of your new solar system, including design, production, and financial aspects.


The installation of your solar system is done only by accredited solar installers who have had extensive experience in the industry and hold all of the necessary qualifications to successfully provide you with a top quality installation. They aim to have your system up and running promptly so that you can start saving and using your solar energy straight away.

Start Saving

As soon as your solar system installation is complete your business will start saving! Even while you are waiting for an inspector to come out you will still be using solar energy and will notice that your next energy bill is significantly lower.

Insurance and Tracking

The warranties and insurance on your solar system ensure that you will have peace of mind whilst the system is providing you with energy and cost savings. We also assist you in ensuring that you are using your solar energy most efficiently and to maximum capacity so that you are well on your way to achieving your businesses energy saving goals.

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