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At United Solar Energy we are committed to providing sustainable energy to all future generations, which is why we are dedicated to being a part of Victoria’s Solar Schools Program. By getting involved in the solar school program not only is it an investment into your schools energy bills and carbon footprint, but it is also an investment into your children’s education. By creating a culture of sustainability and embedding it into the school’s curriculum it enables schools to develop children into independent and free-thinking individuals, who will change the way of the future.

By using renewable energy it allows schools to educate children about the importance of a sustainable future, in turn creating environmentally friendly habits at a young age.

Government Defined Standards 

We understand the stringent requirements that government agencies and departments are required to operate within. Knowledge of the protocols and timelines that government undertakes is a key methodology of our own operating standards and policies. Working at levels in accordance of our licencing and accreditations allows for a symbiotic project delivery for energy requirements of our government and community partners.

United Community

Through the development of the United Community project, United Solar Energy aim to help local community groups move into the renewable energy space and take advantage of the many benefits that solar energy can provide for the community and the people involved. This is done by providing solar solutions that will create long-term benefits by dramatically reducing the bills and carbon footprint of community infrastructure. By doing so, these savings are able to be passed on to those in the wider community.

As can be seen in the accompanying video, United Solar Energy have provided a solar solution to Transit Soup Kitchen in Narre Warren. Through partnering with suppliers and installers who encompass similar values, United Solar Energy were able to successfully install a solar system that dramatically reduces Transit’s energy bills. Through passing on these savings, the kitchen has been able to provide food and support to more families in the local community.

Victorian Solar Schools Program – Review

The benefits of solar power are well documented but the degree to which Berwick Primary School could benefit financially whilst reducing our carbon footprint was largely unknown. That was until we enlisted the services of United Solar Energy. Richard Vargas and his team presented a clear proposal which outlining how a suitable solar panel set up could make a significant difference to our energy consumption.

Their proposal conservatively estimated the savings and provided us with all the necessary information that would enable us to move forward in a stress free and affordable manner. Once we committed to the project the process was quick and efficient with the team providing feedback every step of the way. We were delighted with the process and even more impressed with the final result. It’s almost an enjoyable experience opening our electricity bill each month knowing that it is going to be significantly lower than the bill 12 months prior.




 National & Global Government Solutions

Government departments wanting to go solar only choose Approved Solar Retailers like United Solar Energy. The reasoning for this is that they want and need to ensure they are receiving high quality systems that are guaranteed to produce the results they are expecting, and deliver both the financial and environmental savings that are required for the community.

The stringent requirements of government departments, including vetting and tendering processes are where United Solar Energy has proven itself time and again.

We’ve defined a standard that has seen us tasked with projects on large scale deployments, in all geographic locations, and countries around the globe.