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Don’t buy solar without Power Buddi !

Introducing Power Buddi

The ultimate energy saving assistant!

As a solar engineering company, United Solar Energy is at the forefront of the solar industry. We pride ourselves on delivering top of the range systems that perform exceptionally. Therefore our Power Buddi Solar Packages now include first-class monitoring that allows you to produce the greatest amount of energy savings possible by teaching you to be solar smart. In fact, it is even guaranteed that Power Buddi will find you a minimum of $500 savings within three years. This is above and beyond your solar benefits.

The secret weapon that power companies don’t want you to have

Choosing to invest in solar is a big step in the right direction towards cutting your electricity bill down. But how do you know that it will be a worthwhile investment and offer you the benefits and savings that you are chasing? By choosing United Solar’s Power Buddi Solar Package you can be assured that you will be right on track to receiving your energy saving goals.

Tell Power Buddi what your energy saving goal is and it will ensure you stay accountable to achieving this goal. As your energy advisor, Power Buddi will teach you how to utilise your solar to its full potential. The coloured lights on Power Buddi provide real time feedback on when it is best to use less or more power. Power Buddi’s solar sentinel guarantee will also ensure that you are notified if there is ever a system outage or you will

be reimbursed up to $500. And best of all Power Buddi will prevent you from getting ripped off by electricity companies by notifying you of the cheapest energy plan for you based on your actual energy usage trends. Efficiency is the number one key in maximising your energy savings and Power Buddi is the number one tool in ensuring this is possible. Ensure your investment is maximised by choosing smart solar that doesn’t require you to guess to save. Don’t waste your money on dumb solar – Choose United Solar’s Power Buddi Solar Package.

So many functions in one Power Buddi Solar Package!

Live 24/7 Monitoring: View your solar and grid usage every 60 seconds LIVE 24/7!

24/7 Energy Concierge: Keeps you on track with your savings and notifies you of the cheapest energy plan.

Battery Assessor: Calculates when it’s best to go batteries based on your consumption data.

Guarantee Outage Alerts: Alerts you when your solar is not working with loss of income guarantee.

Live Power Bill Forecast: Know what your quarterly power bill will cost you with forecasting every morning.

Our Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer Status that we hold is your guarantee that our company will only ever provide you with a top quality system that is installed by approved installers.

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Going solar for your house in four easy steps!

Free Energy Audit

First of all it must be determined how solar is going to benefit your family. By assessing your families energy needs and usage, looking at past power bills and examining roof space, United Solar Energy will show you how you can achieve maximum savings, whilst not breaking the budget.

Solar Solution

We will work with you to provide the most appropriate solar system that suits your families energy requirements and ensures you are going to receive maximum benefits. We aim to deliver your solar solution in the most smooth and timely manner possible.


The installation of your solar system is done only by accredited solar installers who have had extensive experience in the industry and hold all of the necessary qualifications to successfully provide you with a top quality installation. They aim to have your system up and running promptly so that you can start saving and using your solar energy straight away.

Start Saving

As soon as your solar system installation is complete you will start saving! Even while you are waiting for an inspector to come out you will still be using solar energy and will notice that your next energy bill is significantly lower. This will continuously drop as you utilise Power Buddi to maximise your energy savings and be a smart solar warrior.

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