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Custom Solar Solution

While the needs power consumption are generally similar between households and businesses alike, each of our solutions are designed from the ground up to suit your specific power needs.

We customise your solar panel and battery solutions to ensure your energy needs meet your current usage, and also are designed to ensure you’re covered into the future.

Our specialties include:

  • Site & Roof Evaluation
  • Roof Pitch & Shade Assessment
  • Appliance Demands
  • Power Meter & Billing Review
  • Utility Forecasting
  • Business Needs Assessments
  • Peak & Off Peak Demands
  • Machinery Usage Evaluations
  • Three Phase Specialists
  • Government Grants & Rebate Advisers
  • Bill Assessment & Projection
  • Meter Connection 
  • Multi-Site Installations
  • Remote Management
  • Advanced Management Software Tools

Repairs & Installations

We use the latest technology and highest designed and manufactured products in all our residential, commercial and government products. With full certification and ISO standards compliant.

We stand behind our customers at every step and offer a full 15-year warranty on our products.

If there are any issues with your system, our licenced experts will be on site promptly to service or repair your system to ensure it’s maximum efficiency.

Residential – Commercial – Government And You

Residential clients are the leaders in installing solar solutions. While we are constantly in demand for our residential clients and offer customised solutions to each household, we equally deploy systems for commercial and government needs across the globe.

Having decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of solar systems installed, we are constantly sourced for providing the most cost effective solutions in all manner of environments.

We meet the stringent requirements set out in government and commercial tenders and exceed the highest standards that these installations demand.

Contact Us to explore how our bespoke solar solution plans can not only meet your project needs, but exceed them.

SunPlan Solar Solutions

We have spent years in developing a unique solution to commercial energy needs. Being the only company to offer a locked in power usage rate that is far better than any offered in the fossil fuel energy sector.

Offering a long term power rate that will assure budget requirements as well as delivering a complete solar panel solution in seven years, will give businesses the competitive edge as well as assure fixed cost power to avoid market fluctuations and vulnerabilities.

We have the knowledge to deliver three phase power to your business and do so at a significantly reduced cost.

Contact Us today to learn how your business can receive the benefits of reduced power per kilowatt and also receive a free solar power system for your operating sites.

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Explore more about how we can assist you with your residential, commercial or government solar energy solutions. Contact Us to begin customising and installing your solutions to deliver free power and begin replacing your costly utility bills.

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